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White Structure


Working in that uncertain realm between thoughts and feelings. Producing mixed media work in the form of materialistic enquiry. Finding ways to bring feelings into existence. Derived from observation and experiment. The art produced is a unique form of expression, embedded forms emerge in the moment, turning the unseen into the seen. 


Gaining a Masters in Fine Art opened new ways of seeing. Engaging through experiences of pedagogy, discovering innovative materials which enabled the transverse connection between memory and matter. The work has infinite interpretations for the audience.


Producing something from within, is a process of self discovery. Not knowing what will emerge is the most exciting part of creating. Rules are abandoned, only the essence of a feeling remains. This is not a voluntary action, going with it seems the least resistant, even though at times, through the process of creating, it can feel the hardest.

Happy to work with you on commissions.

All paintings are sold via 

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